Kien Giang Island Island Tour [Thangnam]

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    Many tourists intend to travel to Hon Son Kien Giang, but not.
    Knowing what time to go this year because it is sea tourism, so when
    The most suitable thing is from May to December. The weather is now very shrimp, squid.
    … and before going first to see what the weather forecast
    Backpack and explore. If you are interested in this island, come
    Discover the details of the article below!

    Where is the Hon Son Island Island?

    Hon Son is an ancient forest population consisting of many trees and
    The animal has another name, Hon Rai Island because before this is on the island.
    Many Nak lives in this island belong to Lai Son Commune, Kien Hai District, Kien.
    Giang Provinc, located 65 km. West of Rach Gia City has an area of 11.5 km2.
    The scenery in Hon Son is still old.
    Take advantage of strong tourism, still maintain nature and beach forest.
    The beach is clean, quiet, comfortable, is a place that is suitable for you to send a letter.
    Prolonged after the busy day squeezed in the white sand city
    Clear blue sea, coconut, coconut and small coconut
    Welcome. There is a long beach surrounded by coconut lanes.
    The blue water makes the scene look fierce, elegant and script.
    The statue of a very beloved son, such as Bai Bang, is one of the beautiful beaches.
    Vietnam, Mount Ma Thien Lanh, Majestic Majestic, Coastal Fisherman Village,
    Rocky Rapids
    The oldest or famous spiritual place on the island. In addition, tourists also
    Enjoy fresh seafood or special fish sauce.

    means traveling to Hon Son Island?

    From Rach Gia, there are 2 main vehicles to Hon Son Island: high speed train.
    And passenger boats, you can rely on time to travel and depend on your preference.
    If I choose a vehicle to move the most suitable if you want
    Shorter when traveling high -speed trains will be the right way.
    The best. Traveling over time by train only about 1H30 minutes and reference fares.
    Approximately 140,000 VND/tickets have 2
    High -speed high -speed delivery lineThe most selected guests are

    _ * High speed train reaches my son * _ _

    • Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
    • Ticket price: 140,000
    • Rach Gia – HON SON: 06H50
    • Hon Son – Rach Gia: 10H45
    • Rach Gia – HON SON: 7H20
    • Hon Son – Rach Gia: 11H45

    The advantages of traveling to the NGOC Thanh train
    Meaning that even though it comes later than a Supely ship, but 07H30 level
    Suitable for everyone to eat breakfast and backup.
    Delay when you are far away, travel by a super super -ship to the island.
    But first. Those who want to be on the islandBut should use it from use
    Superdong Note: Want to go to the island by high -speed train, need a ticket in advance.
    When buying a train ticket, don’t forget to bring your identity card.

    _ * The passenger boat goes to love his son * _

    Using a disadvantaged trainBut have excellent experience on the other hand, friends
    You can move to the cabin to the tourist attraction freely. Take a picture of the sea.
    Pier number 2 at Rach GIA Pier, High -speed boat, Parking port 2 and 3
    Go to the island. If you want to visit, you must hire a motorcycle service.(In the case that you
    Do not bring the car to the island)

    • It’s time to: 3 hours 30 minutes. The advantage is that the boat can carry a motorcycle to the island.
    • Rach Gia – HON SON: 8:30 a.m.
    • Hon Son – Rach Gia: 10 hours
    • Rach Gia – HON SON: 8:30 a.m.
    • Hon Son – Rach Gia: 10 hours

    In order to avoid the condition of the ticket, especially on the weekend
    The experience in Hon Son Island is comfortable. You should call first.
    Transport lines for additional information about train tickets and when you go, don’t forget to bring it.
    Identification cards buy high -speed train tickets are parked in 2 and 3 ports at the port.
    Rach Gia

    Beautiful beach when [1]

    Hon Son Island, also known as Hon Son Rai, is a floating tourist destination.
    The sound of quitting smoking, although this island is still single.But still not broadcasting
    Growing in tourismBut sometimes those pure beauty
    Has built an impressive and attracted accent to many tourists to visit. If you intend to visit this beautiful island, you shouldn’t
    Not interested in sharing experiences about Hon Son, Kien Giang, cheap price
    Save money below Hon Son Island (Kien Giang)
    Is one of the 10 Vietnamese islands explained by the famous travel page
    Culture Trip “is as beautiful as drawing.” Hon Son Island has an area of 11.5 km2 in Lai Son.
    Commune H.kien Hai,Kien Giang Island Hon Son has a beautiful island landscape.
    Came to the travel experience of tens of thousands of visitors each year
    [Cohinhanhcanthay3] Hon Son attracts tens of thousands of visitors to visit each person.
    This island is about 55 km away from the city of Rach Gia.
    Follow the Hon Son island. There are 5 beaches: Thien, Bai Bang Beach, Bai Bang,
    Bai Gieng, Bai Bai and Bai Bai, all these beaches
    Everyone still maintains pure beauty and poems that are floating.The most famous is Bai.
    Bang is the owner of a white sand beach.
    Clear green and fresh air for all tourists.
    When coming here, it is usually satisfied.

    Bang Bang Island Hon Son

    Bai Bang is located in the middle of the beach and the most beautiful beach in Hon Son.
    [2] With white sand beach, blue sea with rowsCoconut is leaned in front of the beach, son, bang from
    Bai Nha Cau Cau Cauhau 2 km. Traveling to a dear son without having to visit Bang.
    Bang will disappear. [Cohinhanhanthay4] The scene of one corner of Bai
    BANG a lot of this tourist island
    Many interesting and interesting places for visitors to explore and hide these things.
    Interesting things in the waters and islands in the southwest of the country, tourists swim and spread.
    Travel experiments at the unicorn beach of the island. This place has a smooth and fine golden sand.
    Beautiful. [Cohinhanhanhcanthay5] The surrounding road
    The island is coated with beautiful and bent rings.
    Follow the ramp very interesting for you to experience the hills.
    The Bai Bang in Hon Son motorcycle is considered the most beautiful beach of Hon Son Rai.
    The length of the coast is 1 km bent in a crescent line.
    Large and small rock shields on both sides, stubbornly in the middle of nature
    The prestige and poems are perfect for the old brand of Hon Son Rai.
    You can’t ignore the sand that is stretched and banned.
    The tilt of Bai Bang. The best thing is to soak in the water.
    Clear and empty. Watching coconut gardens on the coast are swinging back and forth.
    The wind with fresh and cool sea weather for you.
    Will feel that you are fully combined with nature will help you forget
    Problems occurred on the past day.

    Hon Son Island

    [Cohinhanhanhcanthay6] Beach has a clear blue sea.
    Smooth white on the top of the hundred years with the color of the cocoa of the shade to create a frame.
    Fresh scenery and poems

    Beach beach – the most beautiful place for my dear son

    The house is famous for the white sand, blue, blue sea, coconut tree.
    Large and small stone sea surrounded by coconuts. The courtyard is not known.
    Therefore, still maintaining the old and peaceful qualities to the courtyard
    After that, visitors must board the train to Hon Island.
    SON, you can choose a delicate boat or a DUC TRUNG 1 frequency.
    Travel/day with a price of 90,000 VND or high -speed train
    Helen [Cohinhanhcanthay7] The area of the house, which has been built to build
    This island can easily accept tourists to the island.

    Hon Son Island Beach

    The scenery in Hon Son is still very old, still maintains a natural and abandoned appearance.
    With a long beach surrounded by coconut coconut with an impressive stone about the island
    The son is very much, including the beach is one of the beaches that are very beautiful but and pristine.
    Not yet known to many tourists [Cohinhanhcanthay8]
    Classified as an old beach here with a very beautiful scenery with coconut trees here.
    Tourists who have been searched for very good photography. This place has rental services.
    Fishing here is not a white sand beach.But a beach with many stone tissues should be NH
    Come to kick to find people who love fishing here
    At this beach, you can let it be natural to feel very comfortable.
    And peace, especially beautiful scenery so you can travel to my beloved
    The son should not forget to visit Bai Bai [Cohinhanhcanthay9] to come out.
    Visitors will have to rent a boat to Hon Son Island. There are 2 Thanh Tu and Duke boat delivery.
    Trung with travel routes
    1/day to provide tourist services to the beach islandBetween the roads from the beach and bang
    Bai Beach is quite small but
    What visitors are long sand, blue sea, coconut trees, tilted.
    At this point, visitors can enjoy the clear blue sea.
    Feeling the freshness of the sea breeze will definitely relax and eliminate.
    Fatigue in life [Cohinhanhanhcanthay10] The landscape of Thien Tue Beach
    Recently, the family of NAM HAI
    And worship him to bless the fishermen to the beach.[Cohinhanhanhcanthay11]
    Egg beach and the mouth of the stone guns areNation ”
    “. Many stones are as smooth as eggs. This is one of the files.
    Tourist attractions of many tourists of the island

    Hon Son Island Hotel Price [Thangnam]

    Increasing demand for tourism, so the hotel service is interested in
    Will reveal a few quality modules for you: + _ * V3 house
    Located in a location near the beloved son port at Bai
    Motel’s house has a view to see the sea with complete equipment.
    Friendly and enthusiastic modules, guesthouses, including free WiFi
    Mixed in the room, in addition to renting a motorcycle on the island, accepting cooking …

    • Room rate: 2 single rooms, air conditioners: 250,000 VND/room/night, 4 single rooms, air conditioners: 400,000 vnd/room/night
    • Contact: NHA a Hamlet, Lai Son Commune, Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Provincial – Hotline: 0902.638.880

    + _ * Guest House Hong Hai * _: Like Guest House Van Tien here
    Can also see the sea, bringing a very pleasant atmosphere as the owner
    The advantage of 200 meters from the WHARF Bridge is about 150 meters from the room market.
    With complete equipment will definitely make you satisfied

    • Room rate: 2 single rooms, air conditioners: 250,000 VND/room/night, 4 single rooms, air conditioners: 400,000 vnd/room/night
    • Contact: NHA a Hamlet, Lai Son Commune, Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Provincial – Hotline: 0901.438.881

    + _ * Guest House Kim Non * _: Guest House Kim Negan is like a van tien guest.
    Guest House and Hong Hai. Special features. MOTL for you to rent a tent on the sea.

    • Room rate: Single room 2 fans: 150,000 VND/room/night, rent 10 tents: 500,000 vnd/tent/night
    • Contact: NHA a Hamlet, Lai Son Commune, Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Provincial – Hotline: 0939.049.747 – 01664.7799.35
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